Nov 20, 2008

Download eMule++

Download eMule++


With over 50 million users worldwide, eMule has become the new king of file sharing, so if you are tired of slow downloads, fake files, viruses and worms then forget Kazaa and step up to eMule. eMule is a file sharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network, but offers more features than the standard eDonkey client.

eMule++ is the third generation eMule / eDonkey compatible client created to improve the clients abilities and features, in both work efficiency and user interface. With a dedicated team of coders, beta testers, and translators, it has since evolved into a feature-rich, stable, and thoroughly tested eMule client with dozens of features unavailable in the original client, all the while retaining its slick user interface.

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