Mar 24, 2009

Working with Lists in Nvu html editor

To end a list and continue typing body text:

  • Click to place the insertion point at the end of the last list item and press Enter (Return on Mac OS) twice to end the list.

To change one or more list items to body text:

  1. Click to place the insertion point within the list item, or select the list items.
  2. In a numbered list, click the numbered list button (or in a bulleted list, click the bulleted list button) in the Format toolbar.

To position indented text below a list item:

  1. Click to place the insertion point within the list item.
  2. Press Shift-Enter to create the hanging indent.
  3. Type the text you want to indent.
  4. Press Shift-Enter to create another indented paragraph, or press Return to create the next list item.

Tip: You can increase or decrease the indentation of list items by clicking anywhere in a list item and then clicking the Indent or Outdent button on the Format toolbar. Alternatively, click anywhere in a list item and press Tab to indent one level. Press Shift+Tab to outdent one level.

To merge two adjacent lists:

  1. Select the two lists that you want to merge. Be sure to select all of the elements in both lists. Note that any text in between the two lists will also become part of the merged list.
  2. Click the bulleted or numbered list button in the Format toolbar to merge the lists.

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